Sunday, 28 February 2010

Look out point

I took this on the way home from Slimbridge at a look out point. Its quite picturesque however the black cloud makes it quite depressing.


As promised here are some photos from Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands centre. It was quite cool. Here's the website The only problem with it was the fact there was lots of geese and swans. I am a little bit scared by these so i kept running away however they had a few flamingos as well which made it better.

A bit of infra-red

Part of my course at uni I am studying scientific photography and medical imaging. So this week I have been looking at infra-red photography. I did a bit last year of trees and landscapes etc however this week I have been looking at what it is used for. one of the application is looking at the venous system. Infra-red is used to look at those veins that are close to the skins surface at such areas on your hands, wrists, feet, chest and breast area. The camera I used to take these photos is the Sigma SD10 with the infra-red blocking filter removed, and an infra red filter.

I find infra-red really interesting however its such a pain to focus because it works on different wavelengths than what we humans can see plus the Sigma camera is a difficult to use and overall is a bit of an effort. However the effect it has especially on these vein photos of my hand and foot are quite amazing really.

So I haven't posted any thing in ages. I am such a bad blogger however I have a stack of photos that need to put up. So expect lots more this week. Also my mum brought me a new camera bag for getting a first in one of modules (as well as a Dropkick Murphy ticket) so now I don't have to carry my camera just in my bag it has a new home, so expect a nice little photography trip soon.

Some of the things I'm going to post this week include
  • Playgrounds
  • Concluding part to my little neg experiment
  • Fish eye Christmas
  • Slimbridge wetlands centre
I also might go and shoot something Wednesday. I have also booked a flight to go to America for a couple weeks at the end of June in depression as I cant go to Glastonbury this year so I am hoping to get some amazing shots out there. Any way I shall try to post more often.